Where do they come from?
Grubs feed until fall and then burrow deep into the soil to overwinter. In the spring they go upwards toward grass roots and resume feeding until Mid-May. They then transform into Pupae and Adult Beetles emerge around first week in July.
Life Span / Feeding
Their life span is generally short, 30-45 days. They lay eggs every 24-48 hours. They are most active from mid-morning until mid-afternoon each day. Warm and sunny days when humidity is 60% or higher will retard flying and cause heavy feeding and destruction of plants. They won’t fly on cool, windy, or rainy days and are responsive to light changes.
How do I get rid of them?
You can pick them off plants by hand and drop in a solution of soapy water. They can be sprayed with Neem Oil or insecticide suitable for Japanese Beetle Control. Bonide Systemic Insect Spray, Beetle Control or EIGHT all work well for control as well.
Preventative Measures going forward to help control Japanese Beetles
Putting down the right Grub Control product that coincides with the life cycle of the grub. See us for details.