Crabgrass has emerged in many Lawns lately. Warm temperatures and infrequent rainfall have caused turf to stop growing and dry out thus giving crabgrass the chance to grow and flourish in non-irrigated lawns. The best defense against crabgrass is to maintain a healthy dense turf by fertilizing and irrigating throughout the season.

Post emergence control is the way to control Crabgrass at this point. As Crabgrass matures during the summer months it becomes more challenging to control and multiple applications spaced 2-3 weeks apart are necessary to get control. As far as chemical control goes products such as Drive, Acclaim Extra, Tenacity, and Pylex are all effective. For homeowners the primary herbicide you will find on store shelves for Post Emergence control will contain Quinclorac.
Quinclorac provides excellent control of crabgrass at almost any growth stage. Another good option is Bayer Advanced Crabgrass killer for Lawns, available in either a concentrate on Ready to use Hose On Spray.