Many of us have a love hate relationship with bugs and insects in our landscapes. Some are beneficial and some are more aggressive and harmful, causing damage to foliage and stunting growth.

Aphids – These are tiny green pear-shaped bugs that appear in large groups. They suck sap from plants causing wilting and slow growth. They are a common pest on roses right now also. Spray pests with Neem Oil or Hot Pepper Sprays to control. On roses Bonide Rose RX spray works well.
Potato Beetle – These primarily attack vegetable garden plants. They are round with an orange head and black and white or orange stripes on their wings. Control them with deep straw mulch around plants.
Japanese Beetles – Probably the most common insect we are seeing right now. Easy to spot with their metallic blue/green bodies. They can do serious damage as they will skeletonize plants, destroying the leaves. Beneficial nematodes can be used to control these as well as traps, however most infestations require a spray application. Bonide Eight Insect Control works well for this.
Scale – These appear as white lumps on both indoor and outdoor plants and suck the sap from the plants they are feeding on. This will cause wilting and stunt growth. Severe infestations will kill plants. Treatment includes pruning away infested areas of the plant and applying Neem Oil Sprays.