Many folks coming into the garden center with questions on Hostas and insect problems with them.

Why do Hostas have holes in the leaves?
Slugs are to blame for holes in the leaves for the most part. Slugs are a nighttime forager and probably the most common of all hosta pests. A good indicator of their presence in the landscape is a silver colored slime trail thru the landscape. Control can be done thru a variety of chemical products.One that works well is Bonide Bug and Slug killer.

Why do my Hostas have brown spots on the leaves?
This is a sign of Anthracnose. This disease thrives in warm and wet conditions and can appear very quickly. The leaf on the hosta starts out with large irregular spots that are usually surrounded by a dark border. The centers of the spots usually fall out and are mistaken for pest damage. Prevention measures for this disease are to try and keep a good distance between the plants to allow for air movement and avoid overhead watering. A fungicide spray in the spring can be helpful as well.