With the cool and wet weather we have had the last few days, the weeds are really starting to make a strong appearance in the lawn and landscape.
We are seeing crabgrass and nutsedge pop up in the lawn and when it does it rapidly germinates and spreads throughout the lawn.Nutsedge is a 3 blade thick grass that will pop up over a neatly mowed lawn. You will want to just pull it out but nutsedge has multiple tubers and once you pull it you will activate dormant tubers causing more nutsedge to grow.You need to continue to pull out the young plants in order to eliminate it.
Crabgrass has wide spreading flat leaves that spike up. It thrives in poorly drained soils and spreads very rapidly. At this point in the season the only way to control it is to spray it. Bayer Advanced Crabgrass Killer or Ortho Weed B Gone plus crabgrass control are both good options.
Moss has been a very bad problem in our area and continues to be. Moss smothers your lawn and sucks up vital nutrients.Your best bet is to treat the lawn with moss control granules and kill off the moss before any reseeding is done. Bonide Moss Control Granules work well for this. Before you reseed you need to determine what may have caused the moss to begin with.Compacted soil, Poor drainage, Low PH, and lack of sunlight all cause moss to grow and even if you kill it off it could come back if you don’t first correct the cause of it.