Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs

This week we have received quite a few calls on the pruning of spring flowering shrubs.
Spring flowering shrubs are best pruned right after they are done blooming or you may miss out on springs beautiful display of blooms. Pruning is done for several reasons
The shrub may have become too large for the area
Some of the branches may have been damaged by disease or insects
Plant may be older and has become thin at the base and it may have only flowered at the tips of branches, thus needing to be cut back
It is always a good idea to remove dead and dying branches prior to new growth coming out in spring. This helps channel energy to healthier buds on the plant. It also helps open the interior of the plant and provide some much needed light and air circulation. This will help control and reduce fungal disease such as powdery mildew that can be fairly common on some flowering shrubs.

Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs

Spring is an excellent time to fertilize trees and shrubs in our landscapes. It is equally as important as pruning them is. Plants are constantly removing many minerals from the soil in which they are planted in. Unlike in the forest where leaves lie and decompose, we rake up leaves plants drop and remove potential elements that would go back into the soil. Trees and shrubs require Carbon, Oxygen and hydrogen which they can get from air and water and the rest of what they need must come from the soil. The easiest and most effective way to fertilize is by spreading fertilizer over the entire root zone. Be sure to keep fertilizer away from from driveways and paved surfaces. See us at the store for fertilizer options.