Temperatures are moderating slowly and we have some decent weather coming our way next week. This will help our landscapes and lawns wake up in the coming weeks.
Time to get spring cleanups done to our yards, starting with dethatching the lawn. Thatching is sometimes overlooked but it is very important to get dead grass and thatch out of lawns now before strong spring growth begins. Thatching promotes good health for the lawn, allowing sunlight, air and nutrients to reach the soil. A leaf rake or power rake works best for this task.
In a few weeks apply a Pre-Emergent crabgrass killer/fertilizer to help curb crabgrass and give your lawn a boost and early greening.
Check for signs of grub damage in the lawn or other pests and decide on a corrective action. Scotts Grub-X or Bayer Advanced 24 hr Grub Killer works well in early spring. When controlling grubs you need to be sure to use a product that coincides with the life cycle of the grub to be effective.
Clean out Tree and Shrub beds now. Rake and gather debris that collected beneath trees and shrubs. This is especially important with any plants susceptible to fungal diseases which can overwinter on debris from last fall.
Freshen up mulch in bed areas being careful not to cover too deeply perennials that may not have sprouted yet.