Winter Snow Blower Service

Toro® snowblower service

Winter Snow Blower Service

November 7, 2018

Is your snowblower ready for the winter? We can help you. We offer service for both single and two stage snowblowers. The service includes:

*Check spark & compression
*Change Oil
*Flush carburetor & old fuel
*Install new spark plug
*Inspect paddles & scrapper bar (replace if needed, parts extra)
*Check safety system
*Lubricate cables, grease fittings
*Inspect drive system & repair if necessary
*Test run & adjust governor
*Clean unit

Cost for Single Stage Snowblower Service $79.95 plus parts (rubber paddle models)

Cost for Two-Stage Snowblower Service $99.95 plus parts (self-propelled models)

We can also pick up and deliver your snowblower for an additional charge. Please call us to schedule. 989-835-4708