Pre Emergent Crabgrass Application

Crabgrass preventer application

Pre Emergent Crabgrass Application

April 20, 2018

This spring has been very slow to arrive and we all are very eager to get started in the yard.  We have received many calls at the store regarding the timing of pre-emergent crabgrass control products.

Several methods can be used to determine the right timing to apply crabgrass preventer, from tracking Growing degree days (GDD) or watching for the forsythia to bloom.  In the Garden Center business, we like to use the GDD tracker website (  to assist us in predicting application timing of crabgrass control products.  The GDD tracker starts counting growing degree days on Feb 15th.  Right now we are still heading towards our optimum application window which is a consistent soil temperature of 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit at a 0-2 inch soil depth.  Our soil temperature this morning in Midland was right around the 38-degree mark. Based on next week’s weather forecast it looks like we could be at a 50-degree soil temp and hold there by the end of next week in the Great Lakes Bay region.  Our 5-year average has been a soil temp of 50.6 on May 1st so we are not that far away.  

As far as the product goes we have many different options at the garden center to choose from.  From either a straight crabgrass preventer or one with fertilizer. Stop in or call with any questions you may have.

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Spring just may be finally here!!!