Spring Deer Damage to the Landscape

dealing with deer and moles

Spring Deer Damage to the Landscape

April 7, 2018

This weather the last week or so has set us all back as far as our yard projects go but it won’t be long and we will all be back at it getting ready for the upcoming gardening season.

One thing we can do now is assess any deer damage we have had to our landscape plants and also mole and vole damage from the winter on the lawn and come up with a plan to control.

With the hard winter we had an above average snowfall, deer had a hard time looking for food. Now that snow is melting off they are looking for things to eat. Evergreens, and small deciduous trees and shrubs are prime targets for deer as branches are tender this time of year. One way to control is with Bonide Shot Gun Repels All Granules. This is very easy applied around the base of the plant or perimeter of bed where plant or plants are located. The product causes a mild irritation to the animal’s nasal passages triggering a natural instinct to leave or avoid the area. This product lasts up to 2 months and can be easily reapplied.

Moles and voles are something that are popping up right now in the lawn as well. One way to control these two lawn pests is with a repellent. Bonide Molemax works well for this. It is a repellent that is easily applied with a fertilizer spreader or by hand. A light watering or rain after application speeds up the release of the material. It can be used safely around pets and children. It will effectively control burrowing animals in the lawn. The more you apply this the better the results as you build up residual in the soil.

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Happy Spring!