Drought and the effect on our Landscape

Water for new plants

Drought and the effect on our Landscape

September 25, 2017

Last week I talked about the importance of watering.  With this unseasonably hot weather we are experiencing right now it is even more important with the stress we are seeing on plants.

We have received many calls at the Garden Center this week about the conditions of plants and lawns right now.  The stress on lawns is easy to detect by the lawns browning color right now.  The stress on trees and shrubs is sometimes not so obvious.  Drought symptoms we are seeing right now are wilting leaves, scorching of leaves and browning, early leaf drop on some trees and plants and earlier than normal color changes on some plants.  Even some evergreens are showing signs of stress such as poor vigor or yellowing and wilting of shoots in some cases. In all of the cases, plants are telling us that they need WATER!  

Hand watering is a must right now.  Sprinkler systems work well but with the ground being so hard right now because of a lack of rainfall we need to get out the garden hose and hand water and deep water in some cases to get moisture down to the plants’ roots.  A plant needs water right now to enable it to establish a root system and get it through the winter months.  Plan on watering new plantings at least 3 times per week right now to keep them moist until the ground freezes later this fall.  Also be sure to check plantings from last season and make sure they are watered as well.

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Welcome first day of Autumn!