Water! Water! Water!

Water for new plants

Water! Water! Water!

September 15, 2017

We have had some very dry weather the last few months with limited rainfall.   During the heat of the summer, our landscape plants and lawns are under severe stress.  High winds, hail and heavy rains can cause damage to our landscapes.  We did have heavy rains the end of June causing damage to some plants.  The rain we got was not enough to carry plants that needed moisture through the summer.  Plants are starting to show signs of dormancy early because of dry conditions.   We have had many calls the last few weeks regarding watering and it is a must right now.

It is imperative that landscape plants that were planted this year and even last year are watered on a regular basis.  It is a good idea to water 3 times per week to keep root systems moist.  There are several ways to water. Lawn sprinkler systems are great but are not adequate for the larger trees and shrubs.  Adding a trickle system can be effective to ensure each plant receives the water it needs.  The quick solution is to use a water hose and soak each plant individually and right now that is going to be the best way to get water where it is needed, deep into the plants’ roots.  

Another area of concern right now is how to handle fertilizing and watering of lawns for fall.  Our lawns consist of mostly cool season grasses. These grasses grow well in the cool months of spring but once we get to summer and early fall these grasses struggle and start to go dormant. Right now it’s a good idea to think about irrigating the lawn if you haven’t been, to at least keep the roots moist until we get some rain.  If possible, water in the early morning hours so grass can dry during the daylight hours.  This will help reduce any opportunity for disease.  You can apply a fall fertilizer soon that will help build roots for next year.

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Get out and enjoy the great weather this weekend!