Managing Deer and Rabbit Damage to your Landscape

Managing Deer and Rabbit Damage to your Landscape

May 15, 2017

Managing Deer and Rabbit damage in the Landscape

Now that the weather has warmed up and plants are leafing out and sprouting from the ground we have to be mindful of our hungry wild animal friends, Deer and Rabbits.  They will quickly make a salad bar out of your landscape plants and flowers overnight.

Deer do not have upper front teeth so they will do damage to leafy plants that will have a ragged appearance. They also tend to rub on tree branches and trunks with their antlers which ends up shredding the bark causing injury to plants and trees.  Rabbits do damage that is fairly easy to recognize as they will attack thin-barked trees and shrubs and gnaw the bark on branches.  Their damage will be fairly clean cut on branch ends, unlike ragged chewing that a deer does.  

Managing Deer and Rabbits falls on using plants that are less favored by Deer, repellents or exclusion.  Fencing can be used but can be costly and unsightly. Repellents, for the most part, are the most common thing used in Deer and Rabbit Management in the landscape.  Most repellents work either by taste or smell or can contain a mix of effective ingredients that can provide both.  We recommend Bonide Repels All in either granular or liquid form.  We have had great success with both. Stop in and see us and we can make a recommendation.  

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